Price list information statue art We are Arimata Gallery, craftsmen hand-carved and sculptured in Indonesia,We provide pricing information sculpture art, if you like the work of art sculpture, we recommend that you take the time to look at the sculpture Arimata Gallery.Kami make various kinds of sculpture.Carvings and sculptures in a variety of forms such as lions, statues of horses, lions killin, angel statues, sculptures of fish, frog statue, tiger sculpture, sculpture dolphin and others.
We use a miraculous kind of basic raw materials for the manufacture of statues, among others, cement, fiberglass, artificial stone, natural stone and so on.Information price list of our art sculpture spread so that all those who love the art of carving sculptures can share in the work of art that we created, therefore we sell the sculpture at a low price.Sculpture and carving sculpture is the result of our quality art with the classical style and Natural.

Price lions we are selling $ 230 ..ukuran height 1.20m length 1:30 am

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